How to plan a Cookie Swap

Step 1 – Send Invitations

  • Send invitations at least three to four week’s notice to prepare. 
  • Consider a cookie exchange brunch on Sunday or a swap scheduled during the week which might result in a better turnout.
  • Send invitations to no more than 10-15 people. 
  • Along with the invitation,Every Guest Should be asked to… 
    • RSVP Asking for as many details as possible on the RSVP will allow you to produce a display table that will wow (and inform) your guests! 

    • Provide information on the type of cookies they plan to bring. (Keep record of the cookies each person plans to bake.)

    • Bring a printed copy of the recipe and any notes on allergens included.

    • Bring a large enough container to take cookies back home.


Step 2 – Start Baking

  • Start baking at least three days before the party.

  • Request that each guest make half a dozen cookies per person in attendance, plus an extra half-dozen for folks to sample at the party. 

  • Make sure everyone brings a copy of the recipe to hand out to guests or to stack on the table alongside the cookies.

  • What to bake…

    • Cookies that don’t need to be refrigerated immediately after baking. Cookies that are firm, crunchy, and sturdy (because they’re typically easier to store in airtight containers until the day of the party).

  • What will you share?

    • Don’t feel like you have to go above and beyond to impress guests. Simplicity is key here. Besides, those classic, tried-and-true recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation come  with a rich history and flavor, making  those cookies all the  more special to share among family and friends.

Step 3 – Presentation Is Everything

  • Set up Display Area and Packaging Station the day before
  • Create display or folding cards to place on the table in front of each baked treat for sampling. 
  • Make sure the table is large enough to fit all the cookies and for more than one guest to fill up at one time. 

Step 4 – Prepare for the day of the party

  • Cookies are the name of the game, but even the most avid cookie fanatics need a healthy balance of eats and drinks. 
  • On the day of the party, make sure there’s plenty of Hot Cider, Egg Nog, Coffee, or festive Cocktails to go around. 
  • Light, make-ahead Appetizers will save you some time in the kitchen, and bite-sized savory foods and dips will free up the hands of your guests for more cookie tasting. 
  • If it’s a Brunch-Style cookie swap, a menu full of quick and easy breakfast options, like muffin pan frittatas or mini quiches and finger sandwiches is the perfect complement to a warm batch of cookies.
  • Have Fun! Once guests have settled in and eaten, it’s time for Party Games. Make up your own activities for guests to interact with each other, or you can have them go around and tell holiday stories and share the reason they decided to bake a particular recipe or what it means to them. 
  • Tip: During the cookie-swap segment of the party, each person should pack up their share of holiday assortment to take home.